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I am guessing if you came to this page, you probably want to know more about being a Beachbody Coach.  Well with all the crap that is out there I don’t blame you for wanting to know more about what being a Beachbody coach is all about. Here is a quick video about the program and then some questions that were asked to my upline. That is what is so great about this program, when you join with me you will get 100% support from my team. I promise you that if you are willing to put in the work, no one will help you more than me.

Here is the quick video that goes over the compensation of being a Beachbody Coach:

If you still have questions, here is a lenghty questions and answer section that was asked of my upline:

1) Are you required to attend conferences? Nope, not at all.  But i am going to form a “fast track” team for my coaches that want to REALLY make something big of Coaching. We’ll have 30min conference calls per week and set some goals. But that team is totally optional.

2) How do you get people to buy from your website to off set your monthly fee?? We have been downsizing monthly spending just to save some money.One example would be when someone asks what you do to stay fit, you just tell them to visit to buy or shop products. It prompts them for their info and whether they buy or not, they’re entered into your database as a customer. Anytime they log in & buy products, their purchase will tie back to you and you’ll receive the 25% commission every time. You get paid weekly. You build your customer database in 2 ways: refer people to it and give them your business card; and 2)once you become an Emerald Coach beachbody GIVES you customers almost daily (Emerald= 2 others you get into the biz under you), and then become a Club member. They are customers that have bought via infomercial and want a coach. They get put into your database andyou get 25% on all of their future purchases. I have 300+ now that BB has given to me. My husband became an Emerald coach a couple of months ago, and he has 60 in his database now. When Shakeology launches next week, it’s almost inevitable we’ll make $$ from that as many will log in and buy that product (it’s supposed to be awesome by the way!). You’ll see I’ll email my customers about it next week.  When ChaLean Extreme launched it was a NICE xmas bonus since so many of our customers bought it. You make ~$30 on each CE sale.

3) Do you have to market yourself?–I see a lot of coaches that have created groups and such on Facebook. No you don’t have to create groups and such like you’ve seen on facebook… at least i haven’t. It’s just good to meet as many people as you can (online andin person) and find out what they’re missing in life… is it fitness?… if so, you know products you can suggest & bam! they’re a customer. If they’d like their own business, … you know of a business they can start on their own that has unlimited earning potential and could outpay their fulltime job in 2yrs if they plug away at it on the side.  If they’re unfamiliar w/BB, you just loan them a video or some product and just see if it’s something they’d want to consider. I often will give people a P90X bar (my fav) and loan them a TJ video.

4) What type of  person does it take to succeed? In this business of network mktg, the people who do the best have these traits:
1) they have a dream & it’s something they’re willing to work for (retire in 2 yrs, bigger house, car, stay-at-home job, more travel, residual income, etc)
2) they truly care about other people, their success, and people trust them. they don’t’ try to sell people on things. if it comes up in conversation that you can help them with fitness or by becoming a coach, you mention it & follow up later. if there’s no interest, you simply move on.
3) they realize that their success is solely based on the success of others. When your customers succeed, they tell their neighbors, friends, etc. andthey send them to your site. When your coaches are successful and you’ve given them the knowledge that you had when starting and you help them do what YOU’VE done, then you’re financially rewarded for that (your rank increases and your downline grows and your team bonuses grow exponentially). So you just soak up as much info as you can, and pass it along to YOUR team (you might want to save this email for future reference for YOUR coach(es) if you’re really interested in this. It’s a business of just duplicating what your upline sponsor does, but at the same time making it work for you & your lifestyle and the pace that you want to hit that “dream”  : )

5) How do you recruit people to your site and if you get questions you don’t know the answers to, what do you do with that?Since I get customers daily from BB, i don’t even feel any pressure to recruit people from my site. But of course you CAN just by mentioning it to friends, family, neighbors, etc in conversation. You put your site at the bottom of every email. But you’re not really “recruiting” you’re just being more open to developing relationships with people when in the past you might not have seen any point. It’s caused me to be a more social person and I’m loving it. I now like learning about people and i LISTEN better. Once you’ve developed a relationship with someone on facebook or someone you met socially, you just always have it in the back of your mind andlet it come up where it flows naturally. If you listen to people, you’ll find almost everyone either wants to start their own business, make extra money, or get more fit (even if they belong to a gym… they can’t always make it).  And if you get q’s you can’t answer, you can ask me and i can ask my sponsor if i don’t know the answer, or you can email or call coach relations. BB gives you TONS of info to help you.

P90X works, ask Sheryl Crow (0:48)

This is literally a copy of the email that was sent to me about how passionate and successful of a coach we have in our upline:

Also, as far as coaching…
it really is a business and it truly can make you $1000-$2000 a week in a year’s time. And because multi-level mktg businesses grow exponentially, that amount can more than double just 6 months after that… it just keeps growing. BUT, that totally depends on what you’re willing to put into it. And don’t feel like it’s not do-able if you already have a full schedule. I work fulltime, I teach, I’m a mom, and I do this. And I’m now averaging about $1000/week. I don’t want anyone to get into it unless they WANT to. And you can cancel at any time if it doesn’t work out. But you & your husband seem to already be living the kind of lifestyle that this fits perfectly with. You’re both into fitness and I know you eat healthy and you’re a trainer. My husband and I worked on it together at first (with just me signing as a Coach, but now he’s a Coach too and soon because of our coaching incomes, he’ll have the option to quit his job as a Sr Financial Auditor… an option he NEVER thought would be possible).  If you knew that you could be making that much a year from now (and your husband could be too… anyone can), would it be worth it to you to go out and present the business idea to 3-5 people each week? Well that depends… it depends on your drive and what you want to accomplish with your business.  I would be here to help you equip you with the info you need once you sign up, and then it’s up to you to set goals each week…maybe you only present it to 1 new person each month… that’s fine too, but growing it FAST and being in a different situation in 1 year is truly exciting.
So that said, to get a return on your investment for the $14.95 a month, you’d just want to refer your personal clients or friends, neighbors to your site… if you sold 1 copy of Turbo Jam each month, you’d make up your $14.95 expenses.. or at least until you have your 2 coaches and BB is giving you customers. If you’re still personal trng, videos are a great way to keep your clients working out EVERY day, even when they can’t make it to the gym.  It’s not a conflict of interest, gym members don’t typically cancel a gym membership or PT pckg because they have videos. It just makes working out every day more do-able/convenient.

But if you become an Emerald coach (meaning you have at least 2 active coaches under you… which some do by just their 2nd week) and you’re a Club member (which means you pay $38.87 per quarter), then yes, BB gives you customers and you don’t have to worry about making any other sales other than what you make from your “free” customers.  But of course, if you want to make more from your personal sales, the option is always there. You could approach a business and suggest they all get on a 90day CE challenge to get their workforce healthy and cut insurance claims… you could make $1000 in one shot. There are so many different ways to make quick money with it, but the way to be making long-term money, residual income, is to present the business to others who are interested in starting their own business. The reason that creates long-term, walk-away income, is because you are growing your downline, and as an Emerald coach, you make weekly checks on the sales volume of that downline. That’s where the money gets HUGE. People get put in your downline that you sign up, but also people that others above you have signed up too. So you’re making money off the efforts of coaches you don’t even know. It’s VERY cool.  Network mktg opens doors for people that currently feel they’re options are limited, because with this, the earnings potential is limitless for a small investment, really no risk, and no employees to oversee.
Anyway, we can totally talk over the phone if you want, or just let me know if you have more q’s. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you… no biggee.  But if it IS for you, then I’d hold off on buying those P90x bars and whey protein b/c you’ll get them at a 25% discount if you become a Coach. The chocolate peanut butter P90x bars (20g protein) are the BOMB!!

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There you have it, if you want more information about being a coach click here to sign up or click here to ask me any questions.

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