P90X Review



If you are wondering if P90X is the best solution for you, then you have come to the right place.  I am a personal success story of this amazing Beachbody product.  In my opinion it is the most complete total body makeover that you will find anywhere.   If you are serious about home fitness and really want to see those transformational results then P90X is the perfect solution for you.

Scroll down and see my complete review of the most amazing home fitness program on the planet.  Remember that it has a 90 day money back money  guarantee, so what the heck do you have to lose?!?!

Check out how complete this really is…

12 Completely Different Workout which will keep your muscles confused and get you amazing results.

1. Chest and Back—Targeted strength and definition workout emphasizes two classic upper-body exercises. It is push and pull to the extreme.You will go through this workout and probably do more push-ups and pull-ups than you have ever done.  I remember when I first started it and towards the end of the program I could not push myself off of the ground to finish out my push-ups.  Now I can do more pull-ups and push-ups than I have ever been able to do.

2. Plyometrics—They call this one the “mother” of all the P90X workouts.  I have to say that I can’t disagree with what I have heard. This is jumping, twisting,  squatting, and many other intense workouts that will push you to new limits.   I personally know someone that claims to have added 7 inches to his vertical just from plyometrics in P90X.  I have to warn you though, it is really tough but you will get the best results of your life.

3. Shoulders and Arms—They call this one the bread and butter because these are the muscles that everyone sees and the ones that get worked the most by people. It is a lot of stuff on here that hits the shoulders and arms very well.   What I really like about this one is that it shows you so many different ways to hit the muscles and do different types of exercises for them.  I personally know that my arms got a lot stronger from this workout alone.

4.  Yoga X—In my opinion this is toughest workout in all of P90X.   It is toughest and probably the most rewarding workout in the program also.   When I first started it, my muscles where as flexible as cold rubber band.  Now I am much more lose and limber than I have ever been. I know it all because of the Yoga X,  I am to the point now where I find myself doing some Yoga stretches when I get up in the morning.  When you are doing a review of P90X, this is the one that puts it on a different level.

5.  Legs and Back—A great combination to get the two biggest muscles in your body stronger than ever. An incoporation of many differnent leg lunges and squats, along with various back workouts including the infamous pull-ups.  People often times neglect their legs more than any other muscle in their body.  What they don’t realize is that your legs and back are the foundation of your body.  It is so important to have a strong base to stand on.

6.  Kenpo X—Personally my favorite workout in the P90X program.  This one goes by so quickly that it feels like it is over before it even gets started.  You are moving around, punching, kicking, twisting, turning, and doing so many crazy things that you won’t know what hit you.  I personally feel it has helped in my balance and in my endurance the most. There is nothing like getting that workout where you are just going and going and you feel like you could take on the world.

7.  X Stretch—A critical part of getting the most complete workout is to be flexible.  As I said in the Yoga, doing the stretching is really something that I have never been good at. Now I can honestly say that I feel more limber and loose than I have ever felt. The cool thing about P90X is that it gives you several different ways to do some rally great stretches. I know that once you try it out, you will see that you can feel way more flexible than you ever thought possible.

8.  Core Synergistics—Basically the support of the P90X workouts in the core synergistics. It is all about strengthening the spine and trunk muscles of the body.  It is fun and very unique and very important in the total muscular confusion that is created from P90X.   What I really enjoy about this 90 day workout is that you get so many different ways to make yourself stronger than you have ever been.  Building your core is probably the least sexy but the most important workout you will do.

9.  Chest, Shoulder’s and Triceps— Lot of different workouts in here that really get you to a another level when it comes to getting your arms, chest and shoulders much stronger.  I love this workout so much because people tend neglect their triceps and not the proper work for their shoulders.  As Tony says on here, you need to work all of these muscles in order to complete the strengthening of the upper body that will get P90X strong!

10.  Back and Biceps— The P90X workout that is based upon pulling all the motion to yourself.  This one is great, I mean come on who doesn’t love making their biceps and back much stronger. You will alternate the biceps and back workouts throughout this dvd.  I personally feel that this one goes by very quickly also. It is probably because of the 2 biceps workouts and then the 1 back workout that is placed there.  Great way to get your strength to the max!

11.  Cardio X— A heart pounding combination of yoga, plyometrics, and some kenpo top really get you in the best shape of your life.  The reason that they created this one is to get you to burn some calories and get to get a break from some of the other workouts if your need it.   I find it is nice to throw it in when I want to change the program up and replace 1 of those 3 workouts or on my rest day. That is the beauty of P90X is that they give you some flexibility to get the amazing results that you want.

12.  Ab Ripper X— All I have about this one is WOW!!! It is over 300 different moves in here and it will get you those rock hard abs that you have always wanted.  I know when I first started the ab ripper x program I could not finish it.  I think that it has to be one of the toughest ab home fitness programs that you will ever try.

P90X Review of the 90 Day Guarantee

That is right when you purchase a P90X through this site you will get a 90 Day Guarantee upon trying out this amazing 90 day workout. For $119.85 what else could you want in order to get in the best shape of your life?  You have 90 days to try out the program and if you don’t like it you can send it back and Beachbody will refund your money.  I can promise you that if you actually go through the 90 day program you will see some of the best results of your life. I challenge anyone to find me a better home fitness program that will transform your body the way that this one will.

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